Day 6-Last full day!

July 19th, 2013Comments(0)

Just got one picture of the kids trying their hand at double-dutch jump roping. Other than that, all I can say is the best way to see your kids is to come and get them in the morning. The closing ceremony starts at 10:00 am!

Day 5-Movie Night, Flag pole

July 18th, 2013Comments(0)

We’re in the home stretch now. Tonight the kids enjoyed watching a movie, complete with popcorn, candy and (caffeine free) drinks. I’ve included one strange pool picture, along with some pics of our morning flagpole ceremony. As you can see, we’re not afraid to sing silly songs. Ask your kids what they’re singing in the picture and I bet they can tell you. I’ve also included a few pictures of the boys at crafts this afternoon. They are putting together a couple of benches they have painted for the front porch of the dining hall.

One more full day. Here’s to having as much fun as possible.

Day 4 Night Swim, bible class pictures

July 17th, 2013Comments(0)

No pictures today, because my phone decided the boys shouldn’t have all the fun and jumped into the pool with them. Hopefully the bag of rice will fix the camera. another great day. We had our campers’ favorite night time activity-night swim, which truth be told, should be called dusk swim. We’re more than half way done with our week! We sent the kids down to the cabins early tonight in the hopes they could get some sleep. we’ll see how it went tomorrow.

Day 3, Slingshots and Magic Shows

July 16th, 2013Comments(0)

What a humid day! But your kids have been troopers. And our staff is quick with a cooler full of ice water. Slingshots and paintball were a hit. (Don’t worry they’re shooting at a target range, not people.) The magic show was a wonderful final event for today. As you can see, he really got the campers involved.

Day 2: Facepainting, Hayride

July 15th, 2013Comments(1)

Weather permitting, Monday night always means “Hayride.” this year we added face painting for those waiting to go on their ride. We have some very artistic staff and counselors. And to start it all off there are some pictures of our nightly devotional following dinner.

Day 1, 2013

July 14th, 2013Comments(0)

Another great first day is in the books. Not a single tear shed as far as I know. The highlight? The scavenger hunt. All the pictures below are from it. It was actually a series of challenges. Here you have word puzzles, human pyramids, basketball shooting, jump roping, fishing marbles out of a baby pool filled with ice by using your toes, and of course the food challenge–asparagus, rutabaga, and sardines! The looks on their faces are priceless. Tomorrow we start at eight by singing crazy songs at the flagpole.

Test: 2013

July 14th, 2013Comments(0)

So excited to see everyone!

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